All of my works, uncategorized.

Ambient Experiment

A simple experiment with FM synthesis. The result is a glitchy, moody atmospheric drone.

tags:ambient, atmospheric, experimental, music

Reykjavic Shorts&Docs Festival 2014 Trailer

Music, sound design, and mixing for Reykjavic Shorts & Docs 2014 Film Festival teaser trailer.

tags:mixing, music, score, sound design, trailer, video

Reykjavic Shorts&Docs Festival 2014 Sting

Music and some sound design for the 2014 Reykjavic Shorts & Docs Film Festival.

tags:music, sting, video

Difficult Daydream

Energetic house/EDM.

tags:edm, funky, house, music

Playtime Bee

A gentle, childish piece written to accompany a product demo.

tags:childish, music, xylophone

Critical Exchange

Critical Exchange is an interactive installation exploring opinions and asynchronous conversations. The piece could be interacted with both physically and over the Internet. More detailed information is at the Soundcloud page.

tags:installation, interactive, networked, participatory


Background music for an insurance ad.

tags:ad, advertisement, music, video


Sound logo / jingle created for Tempo.

tags:jingle, music, sound logo


Stations was an interactive, surround-sound concert in which the audience was invited to be the performers for any amount of time, hidden behind a curtain. More detailed information can be found at the Soundcloud page.

tags:installation, interactive, participatory, surround, surround sound

Reykjavik Shorts&Docs Festival 2013 Trailer

Music, sound design, and mixing for the Reykjavic Shorts & Docs 2013 Film Festival teaser trailer.

tags:music, sound design, trailer


Music commissioned to accompany a demonstration of scratch/post's color grading work. tags:music, video

Reykjavik Shorts&Docs Festival 2013 Sting

Music and sound design for Reykjavic Shorts & Docs 2013 Film Festival announcement sting.

tags:music, sound design

Buccaneer Blends BBQ Sauce

Sound mixing for a Buccaneer Blends TV commercial.

tags:commercial, mixing, television, tv