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Ambient Experiment

A simple experiment with FM synthesis. The result is a glitchy, moody atmospheric drone.

tags:ambient, atmospheric, experimental, music

Reykjavic Shorts&Docs Festival 2014 Trailer

Music, sound design, and mixing for Reykjavic Shorts & Docs 2014 Film Festival teaser trailer.

tags:mixing, music, score, sound design, trailer, video

Reykjavic Shorts&Docs Festival 2014 Sting

Music and some sound design for the 2014 Reykjavic Shorts & Docs Film Festival.

tags:music, sting, video

Difficult Daydream

Energetic house/EDM.

tags:edm, funky, house, music

Playtime Bee

A gentle, childish piece written to accompany a product demo.

tags:childish, music, xylophone


Background music for an insurance ad.

tags:ad, advertisement, music, video


Sound logo / jingle created for Tempo.

tags:jingle, music, sound logo

Reykjavik Shorts&Docs Festival 2013 Trailer

Music, sound design, and mixing for the Reykjavic Shorts & Docs 2013 Film Festival teaser trailer.

tags:music, sound design, trailer


Music commissioned to accompany a demonstration of scratch/post's color grading work. tags:music, video

Reykjavik Shorts&Docs Festival 2013 Sting

Music and sound design for Reykjavic Shorts & Docs 2013 Film Festival announcement sting.

tags:music, sound design